Elevate Your Landscaping with Land Master® Luminaires


Land Master® low voltage LED landscape lights are designed to maximize illumination and energy efficiency while outlasting other outdoor lights. Land Master® lights will take your landscaping to a new level!


No other landscape lights offer the ease of Land Master® lights. Our ONE OF A KIND design comes fully assembled, factory sealed and water resistant—simply install and enjoy dazzling outdoor illumination.


Land Master® LED outdoor lights are versatile and can be used as an Up/Accent Light, Down/Security Light, Well/In Ground Light, or Path light. We provide our customers with landscape lights that fulfill their needs.

Land Master® Lighting, a division of Kiel, WI based Nigrelli®, Inc., is dedicated to bringing customers around the world the latest innovation in low voltage LED landscape luminaires. With over 30 years of experience in the outdoor lighting industry we provide trusted, reliable, and high-performance lighting.  LED lights generate much lower emissions than Halogen, incandescent, and compact fluorescent lamp lights providing a much smaller carbon footprint and thereby making them far more environmentally friendly.

Enjoy beautiful landscaping even when the sun goes down with Land Master® brilliant LED landscape lights. With some of the top luminous efficacy numbers (114 lumens per watt) in the industry, it’s easy to see why Land Master® landscape luminaires are the ultimate choice for outdoor illumination.

Most of us have been trained to look at the wattage when choosing a light bulb.  For Halogens, that was the way to do it, but with the introduction of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, that all changed.  The changeover to LEDs means that we have to think differently when choosing our lighting sources.  Watts in Halogens tells us how much energy a bulb draws to give off light, but with LEDs, far less watts are needed to emit the same amount of light.  But the conversion from Watts to Lumens—which is how LED light is measured—is not always listed. To find the conversion, you can use this link, https://www.interior-deluxe.com/lumens-to-watts-converter.html, but basically, if you have a 60 Watt Halogen light bulb to replace, you can easily do so with an 8 – 12 Watt LED (800 – 1,200 Lumens).

Quick Conversion
Halogen Watt
LED Lumen
40 450
60 800
75 1100
100 1600