LED vs. Halogen
Upfront cost: Higher Lower
Energy usage: Lower Higher
Touch temperature: Cool to touch Hot to touch
Output: 80% light; 20% heat 20% light; 80% heat
Bulb: Shatterproof Fragile; breakable
Lifespan: 25,000 – 50,000 Hours 1,000 – 3,000 Hours
Replacement cycle: 5 – 10 YEARS 8 – 12 MONTHS
Replacement cost: No additional cost $40 – $50 / fixture
Heat emission: 10% – 20% total energy 80% – 90% total energy
Avg. Power consumption: 8 Watts 90 Watts

Everyone knows that LEDs can last up to 60% longer than Halogen lights and offer amazing cost savings over the life of the lights and everyone in the LED world is playing on that.

At Land Master Lighting, our ENCOMPASS 400 is designed with all of that in mind, but with one of the easiest installation methods in the industry!  We still have no filaments (lower breakage and burn out) and the ENCOMPASS 400 can last 70,000 hours, approximately 20 years of regular use, compared with just two years for halogen bulbs, but in addition, we have created a fully factory sealed light housing.  That means less labor time in the field to assemble the lights and less loss of parts leading to faster install times!  In addition to the factory sealed lights, our patent pending ratcheting mounting stake is adjustable and requires no tooling to install!

The ENCOMPASS 400 incorporates all the same color temperatures as any other LED lights. Color temperature, officially referred to as Correlated Color Temperature, is a numerical value that indicates the color of light emitted from a lighting source. The cooler temperatures (higher numbers) tend to appear brighter.  Some LED manufacturers will use lower wattages at higher color temperatures to make their product appear brighter. When changing over to LED from Halogen lighting, understanding these differences can assist in selecting the most suitable replacement lighting.