The housing and covers are made of die cast aluminum for durability and powder coated for corrosion resistance. The integrated fins on the housing dissipate heat ensuring the light is always cool to the touch. The ground stake and mounting bracket are composed of a high strength, glass infused nylon material which allows attachment and adjustment of the housing with no hardware required. The high power chip-on-board LED rates among the top luminous efficacy numbers in the industry and has a direct thermal path to the housing, allowing it to run cooler for higher light output and longer life. The light comes fully assembled and requires no bulb installation. This new ONE OF A KIND lighting product is a completely factory sealed IP68 rated fixture!

No other landscape lights offer the ease of Land Master® lights. Our ONE OF A KIND design comes fully assembled, factory sealed and water resistant—simply install and enjoy dazzling outdoor illumination.

An LED (Light-emitting diode) converts electricity into light using a semiconductor.  A typical LED is approximately six to seven times more energy efficient than Halogen lights and can cut your energy usage by more than 80%. In addition, LEDs can last up to 40,000 hours compared to Halogens which top out at 5,000 hours.  But beware of what you are buying! Not all LEDs are the same—if you have older LEDs or LEDs purchased at a big box store, you are likely not getting the best bang for your buck!

At Land Master Lighting, we’ve designed the ENCOMPASS 400 to make it easy to choose the lights that you need!  Just see one of our distributors for more information!  You can also contact our factory for a distributor in your area at